1. Financial Planning

All financial decisions—how much to save, where to put it, what investment to purchase, how much house to buy, how to save for kid’s education, how to generate retirement income, how to pass wealth to the next generation – have to be made at one time in your life if you want to have a solid financial plan.

AlphaFox Capital Management, LLC (AFCM, the “Adviser”) will dedicate the time to understand every aspect of your financial life – your current situation, your concerns, and your goals. Then AFCM will work with you to uncover things you may not have even considered. Together, we will create an all-encompassing financial plan that’s built around your specific needs. The plan will guide you through the big things (like retirement investing, insurance, taxes, etc.) and the small things (like your household budget). Throughout this process, we will review everything and provide you with guidance so that you are able to make informed financial decisions. For many clients, the savings from this guidance allows the service to pay for itself in less than a year. 

Fee Structure: flat $3,000/project or $450/hour

2. Investment Planning

Determine Your Risk Tolerance. Successful investing takes time and patience. Abandoning your investment strategy too soon will likely put your financial goals farther out of reach. To help you stay disciplined, AFCM will learn about you and uncover your specific risk tolerance. Once understood, we will work to control risk in your portfolio and keep you invested for the long term. This gives you a better chance to achieve your long-term goals.

Recommend An Appropriate Asset Allocation. How your portfolio is divided among different investment types is known as your asset allocation. Your asset allocation drives your portfolio, so it’s important that it reflects your specific needs and goals. We will recommend an appropriate asset allocation that best aligns with your unique risk tolerance and has an expected return to meet your financial goals.

Keep You Focused On What Matters. AFCM is committed to educating you about your investments. We also encourage you to focus on what really matters—your dreams for the future—rather than short-term market conditions. We are well-versed in the behavioral aspects of investing. Therefore, we provide realistic advice to help calm emotions during times of volatility so you stay committed to your comprehensive financial plan.

Turn Your Portfolio Into Income. The purpose of your portfolio is to help you live your ideal life. However, taking money out of your portfolio can be trickier than saving and investing money. We’ll recommend how to raise cash for your financial needs while maintaining your asset allocation and avoiding unnecessary tax liabilities or trading costs. We’ll also suggest strategies to more efficiently use your portfolio as a source of income in retirement.

Fee Structure: flat $3,000/project or $450/hour

3. Portfolio Management

Portfolio Construction. Successful investing means not only pursuing returns but also managing risks that may compromise the integrity of those returns. Diversification is one of the best ways to manage risk, reduce uncertainty and increase the reliability of outcomes. Working with you, AFCM will construct a risk-appropriate, globally diversified portfolio that captures the broad market’s returns while minimizing fees and taxes. AFCM focuses on tax efficiency and aims to build a personalized portfolio that takes into consideration your future needs. AFCM will constantly monitor and review the performance of the portfolios and the funds within to make sure they are capable of meeting your needs.

Portfolio Rebalancing Services. Even the best-designed portfolio needs attention. Otherwise, a carefully constructed asset allocation will drift due to varying performances of the portfolio’s investments. That’s why AFCM examines every portfolio on a regular basis through a proprietary automated system – to identify opportunities for tax efficiency and rebalancing. When we identify the need or opportunity to rebalance, we do so for you automatically. This helps manage your risks and your performance. There is no additional fee for this service.

Tax Management Services. Taxes are unavoidable, but paying too much in taxes can be avoided. At AFCM, one of our key financial planning strategies is finding ways to reduce the amount you pay in taxes annually. We offer techniques such as tax-loss harvesting to offset capital gains tax and complex Roth conversion strategies. Remember, it’s not what you earn but what you keep that counts!

Fee Structure: Percentage of Asset Under Management (AUM)

4. Managed Account with Adaptive Risk Parity Strategy

AFCM provides its proprietary quantitative strategy services to High Net Worth Individuals. AFCM’s Adaptive Risk Parity Strategy is a disciplined, statistically driven, fundamental-data-based strategy aiming to deliver success in long-term investing. The strategy seeks to provide consistent, risk-adjusted total returns over time. The strategy is based on AFCM’s cutting-edge quantitative equity, fixed income, option models implemented with automated trading algorithms. The live performance track records of the strategies are shown here.

In this service, clients will retain full ownership of their own brokerage account. AFCM does not maintain the custody of client accounts. Please contact us for further information regarding this service.

Other Information: An account minimum of $200,000 is required to obtain this service

Fee Structure: Percentage of Asset Under Management (AUM)